meta™ Referral & VIP 

  1. How do I become a referral of metastones™?

    metastones™ welcome you with just a click of “sign up” for member on these platform. Find us at https://metastones.biz/member/register & download meta™ App through https://qrco.de/bbMRTY Google Play or App Store.

  2. What is my benefits as a referral?

    Just one click to register for member makes "Everyone can earn with meta™ system". metastones™ offers you the Earn and Reward program which you can earn extra meta Coin in zero of cost. Meanwhile, you will receive meta Point from any self-purchase made.

  3. How do I increase people in "My Friends"?

    Go to My Account and share your personal URL link (referral code) or snap a photo of your own QR code to as many friends and family via social media.

  4. How do I upgrade to meta™ VIP?

    Accumulate 20 people under "My Friends", automatically you will be upgraded to meta™ VIP for lifetime.*New sign up users are free upgrade to meta™ VIP, valid until 8th January 2020.

  5. What is the benefit of being meta™ VIP?

    meta™ VIP enjoyed 5% earning of meta Coins when there is any transaction made under "My Friends".

  6. Does meta Coin can only be withdrawal with cash?

    The amount of meta coins are equivalent to Ringgit Malaysia, so it can be cashed out as long as you have Malaysia bank account. Besides, meta coin can be converted to meta point so that you may use for product rebate in your purchase.

  7. Can I withdraw meta coin at any time?

    Yes, T&C apply. The procedure will take within 3 to 5 working days depending to management.

  8. What is the T&C apply for withdraw meta coin?
    1. metastones will approve or reject the withdrawal on every Thursday.
    2. Successful approval can withdraw a minimum of MYR 30.00, yet maximum of MYR 2,000.00.
    3. Each transaction will be imposed with a processing fee of MYR 3.00.
    4. You will need a verified Malaysia bank account to withdraw money. 
    5. All transaction will be processed within 3 to 5 days after approved by metastones.
    6. The personal data you provide to us is obligatory and necessary for us to managed/utilized whatever deemed necessary during your engagement with the Company. Any failure to provide such personal data may affect our engagement (such effects may include cessation of the engagement) to you.
    7. We are not liable for any loss, damage, or any other liability resulting directly or indirectly from such effects.
    8. metastones reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

  9. Can I received meta coin from self-purchase?

    No, you will received meta point from any self-purchase made. You can use meta point for product rebate in the next purchase.

User Guide

  1. Where do I buy metastones™ bracelet?

    Register with us now at https://metastones.biz/member/register and start login as referral to enjoy shopping and benefit in meta™ official website and meta™ mobile app.

  2. How do I buy metastones™?

    Step 1: Kindly log in to meta™ websites or metastones™ app to register as member by entering your email address.

    Step 2: a. First and foremost, you can go to our official website and go through our crystal collection.
                  b. Start exploring your secret colour codes. Personalized your bracelet now.

    Step 3: Please kindly check your selected items in shopping chart in order to proceed check out for the next step.

    Step 4: Fill up all the details of your delivery address and choose your preferably payment method.

    Step 5: You're done for placing an order with us! Kindly check for your tracking number for your ordered. Happy Shopping :)

  3. What is meta coin and meta point?

    meta coin is allowed to cash-out or to transfer to meta point, for example 1 meta coin is equivalent to 100 meta point. meta point can be accumulated to rebate in your next purchase. 

  4. Where do I check my meta coin and meta point?

    You can go to My Account in meta App or meta Website to check your amount of meta coin and meta point.

  5. How do I receive or use meta point?

    You will receive meta point in every of your own purchase. You may use meta point for product rebate in your purchase. 

  6. How do I receive or use meta coin?

    You will receive meta coin whenever any transactions made under 'My Friends'. meta coin can be cashed out or transferred to meta point. 

Featured Products

  1. What is metastones™ Tailored Design System (mTDS) ?

    A calculation method that allows customer to explore secret colour codes by just input personal birth date and time.   

  2. What is personalised design (coming soon, stay tuned) ?

    metastones is specially designed to recharge and boost up your energy. Everyone can design their own unique crystals jewelry, you can choose the size of crystals and hand wrist of bracelets as well.

  3. What is the material of crystal used by metastones™ ?
    Each crystal of metastones is authenticated by our professional stone expert team to ensure the best quality of products.
    Besides, all of the accessories are made of S925 sterling silver and 18k gold plated. 
  4. Does metastones™ provide free Replacement of Hand-strap?

    We do provide one time free hands trap replacement to all meta™ referral *(only for walk-in). 
    For above free service is only applicable for walk in meta™ referral. If using courier service, delivery fee is boned by you.

Care Advice

  1. Can I replace my hand-strap?
    We do provide one time free hands trap replacement to all meta™ referral *(only for walk-in).
    For above free service is only applicable for walk in meta™ referral. If using courier service, delivery fee is boned by you.
  2. Can I return/exchange my item after purchase?
    As all goods sold are not refundable and not returnable. We understand you may change mind from time to time, please re-check your item before proceed to check out for payment.
    If there is a problem or damage happened to your purchase, please contact us at s[email protected] within 3 days upon receiving. After return approved by management, kindly obtain a return authorization number.

    You will need to provide us the photo of damage item and shipping boxes in original condition.
  3. How do I return item after I get approval?

    You can walk in or use courier service to send item to us. *delivery fee is boned by you.

  4. How do I purified my bracelets?

    We recommend you to gently put metastones bracelets on top of the ''meta Colourful Energy Crystal Grain". Close the box for purification until the next wearing.

  5. How do I take care of my bracelets?

    We suggest you to always remove bracelets before swimming, bathing or intensive household cleaning. Remove bracelets before using products like hairspray, dye, perfume, deodorant, lotion and moisturizer which it may contain damaging of chemicals. 

  6. Does metastones™ have domestic shipping?

    Yes, domestic shipping are available. Shipping working days is within 3 to 5 days. metastones™ are glad to offer you a free standard shipping for any order from RM350 and above. For more information, please check our Shipping Policy.

  7. Does metastones™ ship worldwide?

    Yes, we're happy to ship our products to every place in the world. Delivery fees is boned by you. For more information, please check our Shipping Policy.

  8. Product Disclaimer

    The use of crystals as a wellness therapy is one of personal choice. While crystals have been used historically, to relieve or prevent symptoms, the items metatsones™ sell or recommend on our website, offer no guarantee of results.