Cosmic Energy

The entire universal operates on a dynamic force, called Cosmic Energy. The Cosmic Energy is the bond between the galaxies, the planets, humans and molecules. It is the “space” between each and everything. It originates from Nothingness to Oneness, and to Yin and Yang. Hence, we find all the wisdom of cosmic energy from the ancient Chinese metaphysics to western science, in Chinese Architectual and Landforms Study (FengShui), The Destiny Code (Bazi), Qimen Dunjia, Reiki, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Singing Bowl sound healing, Aura and Chakra energy healing, crystal healing...etc.

Cosmic Energy is present everywhere at all time. It is the life force vitality energy that fills our body, mind and spirit. People need this energy in order to maintain balance in their life. We are using this energy for our day to day activities like seeing, speaking, hearing, thinking and all the action of our body.  By using the cosmic energy, we have all transformed ourselves in the journey of our destiny.

World class meta

metastones is a world class brand that have won numerous awards. We offer ranges of products infused with energy by applying the essence of oriental metaphysics and western science.

All of our products are quality assured as we are using 100% natural crystal that sourcing around the world. We offer many series of crystal bracelet collection, ranging from classic, designer, featured, seasonal and many more.

We are targeting 1 million subscribers within a year. Hence, we are expanding our business into SEA, APAC and worldwide in near future. In metastones, we are committed to corporate social responsibilities. Part of the proceeds will be channeled to charity to make each metastones products even more significantly meaningful.

meta system

In era of big data technology & Artificial Intelligence, we have created metastones  Tailored Design System (mTDS)”. Through this system, everyone has better guidance to steer themselves to the right direction and smoothen the process to achieve life goals. In metastones, you can also personalise your own unique crystals through our official website & Meta app.

Our ideology to create ‘meta app' is to offer everyone an opportunity to venture a business model called “Share Once, Earn Infinitely” and start earning attractive income with ZERO cost. To become our “meta member”, you just need to download “meta app” and register for free! After you share your referral code to friends & families, you will become our official meta referral and start earning extra income when they owned their metastones products. Apart from that, you will receive notification from Meta Says to give you a hint of everyday’s energy, so that you may tap into the cosmic energy and go with the flow of the universe.

metastones Packaging

In metastones, we always prioritize our customer experience. We takes every details from products to packaging to ensure customer satisfaction. All metastones comes with an elegant jewellery box to protect your precious bracelet. This is beyond an ordinary jewellery box as it serves as a crystal purification box with “meta Colorful Energy Crystal Grain”.

metastones Promise

All metastones are 100% natural crystal that sourcing from all around the world. Hence the color & texture details may differ from the promotional illustration. Rest assured, each crystal will be authenticated by our professional stone expert team to ensure the best product quality.

We will provide one time “Replacement of metastones Hand Strapservice for free to all meta members. Meanwhile, all meta members get to enjoy the free unique crystal purification service by showing the Meta App. Our unique crystal purification process will be carried out in our specially designed “Meta Energy Roomat metastones Flagship Store. Besides purification, our practitioners will infuse Reiki energy to attract the secret power of the mother nature and universe for your overall well-being. When Reiki energy is infused into metastones, it magnifies the healing power.

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